Suddenly raising money got a whole lot brighter!

This new fundraising program is web-based — meaning all you need to do is promote the web site and collect the profits. The web site allows for easy on-line purchases by the end-user — so there’s no direct selling! We even provide promotional tools to help you publicize the site — in print and digital formats.

The Brightdoc web site has your organization's name or logo as the header and can be linked to your organization's web site. You select the kinds of cards and calendars that will be offered. You can offer custom cards or calendars — with a picture of your group for instance. Calendars can have your important dates.

  • L
    ow Cost Set-Up!

  • Card Customization

  • Calendar Customization

  • Envelope Printing & Addressing

Low Cost Set-Up!

The Brightdoc system is designed with easy to use templates so that client sites can be created easily and quickly. Sites can be up and running for as little as $250. And, if your site generates enough revenue you could get all of that back. Ask us how our rebate plan works.

Card Customization

The shopper customizes the greeting and signature panels of the cards. They can even upload photos and logos to print on the cards. Tools are provided so images can be sized and cropped on-line.

Calendar Customization

Our 13-month calendars are available in a variety of templates and can begin with any month. Shoppers customize their calendars with their photos on each page and can add their own event dates. In addition, your organization can create a custom calendar just for your group and available only to your customers.

Envelope Printing & Addressing

Greeting card envelopes can be printed and yes — even addressed — in a nice selection of fonts and colors. Shoppers have the choice of uploading or creating their mailing list on the web site — or envelopes can be ordered unprinted or with their return address printed on the flaps.